Compass Community Management Services


Management Services

Financial & Grounds Management

Services Provided:

Budget analysis

Meet with Board and recommend solutions regarding financial problems

Prepare books and records for CPA’s yearly audit/tax return

Maintain books and bank account for the Association, reconciliation of accounts

Collect assessments and make deposits into operating account

Prepare and pay Associations bills and expenses in a timely manner

Prepare and distribute to Board members a monthly financial report:
a. Year-to-date income statements
b. Previous month’s income statement
c. Balance Sheet
d. Operating account statement
e. Year-to-date history of all expenses

Automatic transfer of reserve account deposit from operating account to interest bearing savings account pursuant to the Board of Directors.

Pursue delinquent accounts:
a. Reminder notice
b. Certified lien warning notice
c. File lien (outsourced)
d. File notice of default (outsourced)
e. Publication – Public notice of sale (outsourced)
f. Foreclosure and public auction (outsourced)

Maintain and distribute to Board members an owner directory which lists:
a. Owners name
b. Unit address
c. Mailing address
d. Telephone number
e. List of contractors, utilities and account numbers

Attend Board and Owner’s Meetings:
a. Record minutes
b. Distribute draft and final minutes to Board members

Maintain and distribute pool and tennis court keys and collect deposits if required

Make claim for, and follow-up on all insurance claims

Clerical support in producing newsletters, proxies, ballots, letters, etc.

Compose and mail warning and penalty letters per Board request

Supervise contractors working in common areas to ensure appropriate standards of workmanship including cleaning, painting, decorating, mechanical, electrical, swimming pool service and landscaping

Assist Association with the purchase of equipment, tools, materials and supplies necessary for proper operation and maintenance of the complex

Walk-through inspection of complex up to twice per month

24-Hour emergency phone service

Inform Board of Directors of changes to NRS 116

Onsite management at an hourly rate

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